Intelligent Airnozzle

Cleaning air ducts with an air nozzle has always been considered less effective compared to the use of rotating brushes, but with the new innovative intelligent air nozzle with a built-in camera, you can not only find your way through the ventilation systems, but also ensure that you can see and clean all spots and corners in the ductwork.
The air nozzle will pull itself through the small ducts from 30 mm in size and will pass tight 90° bends without any problem. The air nozzle can be connected to any standard compressor or nitrogen supply that provides 700 L/min or more at approx. 10 bars.
The black and white picture from the camera can be shown on a monitor with a regular A/V outlet, and the complete system can be connected to a regular Danduct Clean control box.

  • Camera with LED light
  • 20m hose
  • Easy to control
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