A13, Fasa

Capable to work for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas (up to 3.700 m²) with a very important reduction of cost of cleaning. • More than 50 kg of constant pressure on the brushes. • Large load tank capacity, resulting in reduced number of stops and maximum use of battery charge for effective operation of the machine. • Compact size (810 mm). • Stability even when fully loaded, front independent wheeldrive with tight steering radius. • Recovery tank control window for cleaning and easy ordinary maintenance. • Easy access to electrical components. • Automatic device that stops brushes and detergent water outflow when the machine is stationary. • Self-levelling brushes.

The detergent water tank serves as battery compartment, allowing the housing of great capacity batteries granting continuous working time up to 4-5 hours.Large capacity shock and acid proof polyethylene tank (110 l ) improves productivity avoiding frequent refilling and idle time. Simple and intuitive controls reduce operator’s training time.Easy mechanical brush plate and squeegee lifting system, for low maintenance costs. The enbloc brush plate apply a very high pressure (50 kg) to the floor, strongly and deeply removing any kind of dirt. New control panel with digital controls and display. Digital display: with hour meter, battery charge level indicator, empty water tank level indicator and forward/reverse traction indicator. Speed control adjustement, horn, suction motor switch with delayed switch-off, brush plate lifting/lowering selector switch, brush motor switch. The ergonomic and comfortable shape of the machine allows the operator to work effortless for a long time, improving productivity.

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