SWR 9711 bt

Ideal for large surfaces. Large filter surface distributed on 8 cartridge filters fitted with electric filter shaker. Side brush raising control. On request DSA unload device for tank emptying into dust containers up to 145 cm height. Complete left side brush. Anti-trace wheels. Suction switch off. Lift flap pedal. Flashing light. Main brush pressure regulation. 90° steering angle. Electric starter. Service and parking brake. Hour meter and klaxon. Slip platform. Indirect back collection. Front dust vacuum system. Quick changing of the main brush and side brush without tools. Long life elastic belts. Suction selection lever. Shock proof steel frame. Traction lever. Antistatic device. Battery level indicator (mod.ET). 115 lt wide collector tank. Heavy duty steel frame. Adjustable seat. Front working light system. Battery and battery charger not included. Front light system.

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